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Trades Corp Skilled Workers

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We have employees with a wide variety of skills. If you don’t see the trade here that your company needs, ask us.

  • Miners: Gold, Silver Copper, and more
  • Refinery Workers: Natural Gas, Milling...
  • Electricians: Industrial, Commercial, Residential
  • Carpenters: Framing (residential-wood studs) (commercial-metal studs), finish work, formwork, drywall hangers, drywall finishers, and painters using brush and roller, spray
  • General labor: Including cleanup, pick up, sorting, sweeping, landscaping, entry-level work at any skill, lay pavers, traffic control, etc. -- fencing can fall under general labor.
  • HVAC Mechanics: Performs a variety of standard to moderately complex technical tasks related to installing, maintaining and repairing heating, cooling, ventilation and related systems.
  • Iron working and rigging: setting, placing beams and columns. Also rigging (e.g., setting up loads for crane or forklift loading).
  • Manufacturing: Experience in assembly line work, clean room work, sterile environment work, soldering, automation welding and cutting, etc.
  • Mechanical: Residential or commercial, installers, ductwork fabricators or installers, sheet metal fabricators.
  • Plumbers: Residential and commercial ranging from apprentices to experienced workers; includes pipe fitters, who work with steel piping systems, etc.
  • Warehousing: Including knowledge of picking, palletizing, pulling and filling orders, cleanup, shelf and rack fabrication; warehouse-style equipment operating, training, or certification.

Trades Corp vetting process

Our vetting process includes:

  • Detailed interview process
  • Drug testing
  • Background Checks
  • E-verify

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Trades Corp is a premier and leading electrical staffing agency. We provide highly qualified and experience electricians to the Industrial Manufacturing, Industrial Milling, Commercial Construction, Oil Refining, Natural Gas, Mining, and other industries. We are a leader among the nation's electrical, staffing agencies serving clients throughout the country including, Nevada NV, Florida FL, Texas TX, North Dakota ND, Colorado CO, Georgia GA, Louisiana LA, California CA.