Trades Corp Electrical Staffing
2105 South 48th Street, Suite #107
Tempe, AZ 85282
One of America's Leading
Electrical Staffing Agencies

Why Trades Corp

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We save you money!

  • Our clients’ costs are reduced because of:
    • lower hiring costs
    • no workers’ compensation costs
    • no liability and unemployment costs
    • we create and pay for all advertising
  • Our Employee Background Checking Services allow you to avoid potentially expensive liabilities, lawsuits arising from negligent hiring, and other workplace issues.
  • No Contracts
  • Single Temp - Full Crews Lead by Foreman
  • All Employees Undergo Drug Screening

We carefully evaluate our candidates

  • Trades Corp multi-step candidate testing ensures that our customers have experienced and skilled trades people. Our temporary labor undergoes a careful hiring process that includes background checks and drug testing.
  • All employees are qualified by Master Tradesmen.
  • We offer pre-employment and background services: If your organization has implemented pre-employment background checking into your hiring process, Valley Temps can help!


  • Trades Corp trades people are fully insured and E-Verify-compliant.
  • We have a large pool of applicants ready to start working immediately. We also staff for hard-to-fill positions.
  • We do not require contracts.
  • We offer programs for our high-volume users of temporary help.
  • We are able to staff regional and national accounts.
  • We offer a Temp-to-hire-placement service. Companies can observe and evaluate temp workers’ abilities to determine if they want to offer them permanent positions. If you think our temp worker is a good fit, a permanent hire is always an option.
  • We customize our staffing management programs not only to complement our clients’ business objectives, but also to generate the greatest return on their staffing investment. 
  • If a client is unhappy with a worker, we will let that person go and provide a replacement. With Trades Corp employees, a company can minimize its risk of losing time and money by hiring skilled laborers that are not a good fit.
  • If a company needs a specialized skilled worker for a short-term project, it is easier to bring in a Trades Corp tradesperson versus hiring a full time in-house employee.
  • Our staff, which is available 24/7, provides impeccable customer service.

Call our professional staff at 602-888-4888 for all your construction temp staffing needs!

Trades Corp is a premier and leading electrical staffing agency. We provide highly qualified and experience electricians to the Industrial Manufacturing, Industrial Milling, Commercial Construction, Oil Refining, Natural Gas, Mining, and other industries. We are a leader among the nation's electrical, staffing agencies serving clients throughout the country including, Nevada NV, Florida FL, Texas TX, North Dakota ND, Colorado CO, Georgia GA, Louisiana LA, California CA.